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【東方Style】Unused Film Strip

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I tried quite a lot of new things this time. The most obvious is the OC, but I also improved the video visuals (some of you may have already noticed).
The place shown in the video is between Misty Lake and the Forest of Magic.

Character profile:
Eishoku Hakuro
映色 白黒
(えいしょく はくろ)

She was once a film strip from the outside world that was thrown away by the author because of a failure during its recording. A hundred years had passed when the strip surpassed reality and reached Gensokyo, becoming a tsukumogami.
She's a surprisingly calm youkai, but if she finds something interesting in you she'll try to add you to her film. She doesn't know her strip got damaged, which could explain why she's trying to dump people into it.
Her film starts with an old, black and white Kabuki performance and then distorts into incomprehensible frames.
Ability: Video Manipulation. This also allows her to add and remove people into and from her video.

So... I wanted to combine eastern and western styles for her theme, and I did it by adding a shamisen and noh drums intersection to represent the player inside Hakuro's Kabuki film and then keeping the shamisen as a background instrument. The piano section uses a rhythmic melody common in old, western films.
I had some trouble deciding whether she'd be a stage 3 boss or a stage 4 boss. I chose the latter just after composing the climax. She fought Reimu and Marisa because they didn't want to get inside her film.

Anyway, I have some things to say.
First of all, thank you for the huge support in the UM medley! And thanks for all the support in general :)
I also wanted to thank Pastel_Maddie for offering their help to draw Hakuro and some friends for helping me name her (yeah, I'm not quite sure how Japanese names work).
Finally, tell me what do you think of the visuals for this video if you want~. I'd also appreciate some feedback regarding Hakuro's backstory and ability. It's my first time actually writing a Touhou character so... yeah.

Download the track (320kbps) and thumbnail here:

Composition: Papita con Puré
Foreground & thumbnail illustration: Pastel_Maddie (https://twitter.com/Pastel_Maddie/status/1398079395680509952)
Background video: Papita con Puré
Video editing: Papita con Puré

#東方風自作曲 #東方 #Touhou

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