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10 Min Belly Fat Burn | Upper and Lower Belly Workout | Fat to Fit | @me_as_mohi | TookTaak Fitness

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Belly fat burn exercise:--

Part A- lower belly targeted
1. The roll
Swing your leg properly from up to down.
2. Reverse crunches
Bend your leg kick high in the air, do not touch the floor
3. Scissors
Hold your belly tightly
4. Toe touch
Slightly bend your leg try to touch it with your hand,
Huh take rest
Part B
Upper abs targeted
1. Mountain climber
In a high plank position, try to touch your knee to your elbow.
2. Plank toe touch
Similar to mountain climber but here touch your toe with the opposite hand.
3. Bear hold
Take bear hold position and tightly hold your breath for 30 sec
* Your knee should not touch the floor.
4. Russian twist
Sit on your bum, up your leg, and move side to side.
Huh take rest
Now repeat all of these
Last but not least 40 sec of plank
It gives a super burn-in to the whole body.
Hope you all like this abs routine.
Please comment me how you like it , or what next exercise you want me to do.

Hi I am Mahima,
I start this new channel to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and spread positivity about fitness. Fitness is not so tough fitness is not only about body shaping. So if you are healthy and you are doing well with your body it's totally fine. And exercise help us in many ways like this cover depression removing anxiety, even exercise also a mood breaker and doing exercise regularly it helps our blood to circulate in the body so our heart stays healthy and we get enough sleep. Just give 30 minutes for our daily routine to exercise routine. It gives us so much positivity. So start your day with 30 mins of exercise.

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