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9/5/21 Titan Medical Health and Lifestyle Show

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This week’s segments:
00:26 - Titans services video for Olympia 2021!
00:56 - Patient testimonial by Ed Grace
04:26 - Short remix Clip
04:37 - Hercules Potion - Titan Complete - HRT Short Informational
05:01 - Titan Sponsored Affiliate Jordan visits Titan
05:42 - Hercules Potion informational video with #Hercules #Potion pump workout montage!
11:38 - Thaddeus Bullard - Overall health and wellness with Titan
13:32 - Cupid’s Corner - 4-question communication game!

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We offer Hormone Replacement Therapy, #Medical #Weight Loss, #Injectable #Vitamin & #Amino #Therapies, #Relationship Bedroom #Enhancing Therapies, On-Site or #Nationwide #Blood Work Testing, #Peptide Therapies, In-House #IV Therapy, & Primary Care. We are based in #Tampa, #Florida but YES we service NATIONWIDE!

We can help you enhance your life and performance while operating at optimal health levels. We have licensed medical providers and start with blood work testing to get you on the right track! Some of our therapies are available without blood work testing.

Call Titan Medical Center to learn how you can have a healthier, stronger life. We offer telemedicine (via FaceTime or Skype) from the comfort of your own home.
Our Titan therapies are doctor prescribed & shipped directly to your doorstep from a U.S. licensed pharmacy!

727-389-3220 or http://titanmedicalcenter.com/
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