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August Favorites & Fails -Beauty, Lifestyle + I Was Scammed

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Today I talk about my August favorites, and fails. This time I have some beauty, along with lifestyle. After my last video, I was scammed, so a few changes will be made. But, it is all good. Looking forward to beautiful Autumn weather. Hope you have a blessed week.

Glitzy Fritzy's brush video: https://bit.ly/3rVQL6H
Nathalie TheBeautyDiva: https://bit.ly/3lqjdLd
Melissa55: https://bit.ly/3l467Tw
Kathy's Beauty Care Chats: https://bit.ly/2S7zlWM

Skincare extras: https://bit.ly/3ytUPgS
Last Video: https://bit.ly/3njIxow

My Experience With Permanent Eyeliner: (filmed in July 2014) http://bit.ly/2l0sefY

0:00 Chatting
1:45 Faves
12:05 Fails
14:08 TV
18:43 Scammed
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Yellowstone - Peacock
Justified - I watched this several years ago

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