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Campechanas Mexican Bakery Style Puff Pastry~ How To Make ~ Pan Dulce ~ Mexican Sweet Bread

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#campechanas #mexicanbakery #virtualkitchenwithlaura #pastry #flakeypastry #pandulce #Mexicansweetbread

Hello and welcome to today’s video. This is my version of Campechanas Mexican Bakery style Puff Pastries , a very traditional Mexican pastry found in many of the Mexican bakeries here in Texas. These pastries can be also filled with fruit fillings, Lemon and pineapple are some of my favorite. But for today’s recipe I just wanted to show you the base recipe on how to start these delicious Campechanas Mexican Bakery style Puff Pastries. Thank you so much for watching the video, and if you would be so kind as to leave a comment, that would really help out my channel. Thanks again I will see you soon.
p.s. The recipe is at the bottom of this page.

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