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Free fire || No skim no fashion only one tap || short || Dhruvesh 777 || Garena free fire ||

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Youtube is a great platform to show your talents and even get paid for doing it. So in this article, we are going to discuss Youtube hashtags and keywords.
You will also get the best trending youtube hashtags that will boost your views.
Let’s face it, being a YouTuber is hard. It drains you mentally and physically. It is not as easy and there is always a new challenge that you face.
So my friend wanted to grow his channel from 6 subscribers. He has been posting videos almost consistently. But still was not getting views. Learn how he grew from 6 to 10,00,000 subs in just 7 months.
After intense research and studying the strategies used by the fastest growing youtube channels, I found that there are many things that we should not do.
You must only use around 3 hashtags. If you have been using more than that, then the Youtube algorithm ignores your videos.
As for tags recommended is to use around 5 – 8 tags in your description.
2. Never use unrelated tags even once.
Imagine you are a cooking channel. And you saw a new trend, it feels like we use it. We also can go trending. But do not use it unless it is directly related. If you do so, the Youtube algorithm catches that. And will immediately stop promoting your videos.
If you have already done something like that, do check it out. And remove it
3. Do not use tags that are illegal.
You should not use any sexual or illicit words as tags. You can check out more info from Youtube on that. But the basic rule of thumb is to use those words only which a platform can promote without any tensions.
4. Do not use space in your Hashtags
Your hashtags must be without any space. Even if it is a two word like ‘Cute Cats’, you must use the ‘CuteCats’ hashtag only. This is a big mistake many YouTubers make. Do not have any kinds of spaces in your hashtags even if it is a phrase.
Things to DO in Youtube Hashtags
1. Use a Simple and Unique personal Hashtags and Tags

You may know this. But you can seriously hurt your views if you are going to change your tags frequently. Tags define your video. And by changing tags, Youtube algorithms won’t be able to catch your specific niche. And will ignore your video. If you continue to do so, eventually you will hardly get any views.
And the next important thing he does is speak your keyword or tags in your youtube video at least two times. And I want to show an example of another channel which blew up recently.
The channel name is Dream. As you know, it is one of the fastest-growing gaming channels. Dream is the best example of using youtube tags in the best way. In one of his videos, he says that he has seen hundreds of videos and read blogs. And following all the strategies of tagging, he was the perfect definition of youtube success.
Youtube SEO’s most important factor is tags. Of course, there are many things to consider. But this is the factor that many people miss and lead to failure in the channel.
Tools to help you find Good Keywords
Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension
It shows you list of keywords when you search for something. I searched for ‘tech reviews’ and this is what i got. You can get good idea for Hashtags from here
VidIQ Chrome Extension
Vid Iq is a power extension and can help your channel grow by providing you a keyword score. It helps determine your keywords value
TubeBuddy Chrome Extension
A very useful tool if you want to grow fast. It gives many details and analytics better than Youtube’s original analytics. And you can easily find your ideal keywords and copy them. Therefore growing faster.
So Hashtags, Tags, and Keywords will help you grow big. And using them in the right way will help you grow faster. Make sure to avoid bad methods or unplanned youtube strategies. Finally, you can easily do a channel audit and find out more strategies to help improve your youtube journey.
YouTube Views: Quick and Easy Ways to Increase their quantity
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