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Hi Freinds! Thank you for visting my youtube channel. I am based out of the Dominican Republic, in the North Coast of Puerta Plata. I live in a beach town called Sosua, in a wonderful native Dominican culture neighbourhood called Los Charamicos. My name is Cerise, I'm a Soul Coach, Author, Speaker, Visionary, Vlogger and Influencer.
Interested in visiting, relocating or investing in the Dominican Republic? Please message me on Whatsapp at
(829) 702-7726 or email me cerisefairfax@gmail.com
I would love it if you could please subscribe it takes only a second. Thank you in advance.
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Cerise Fairfax Soul Coach | (829) 702-7726 | cerisefairfax@gmail.com | www.cerisefairfax.com | www.youtube.com/cerisefairfax

To book a Soul Coaching session/reading please call, text or email

visit www.youtube.com/cerisefairfax for videos on meditation, inspiration, encouragement, love, relationships and more.

To purchase books, CD's and more written and narrated by Cerise please contact Cerise.

To hire Cerise to speak at your event, personally or virtually, please contact (829)702-7726

Experience each breath as if it's your first, and appreciate each breath like it's your last! -Cerise
Please add me to your social media platforms
Instagram: cerise.fairfax or cerise_fairfax
Twitter, facebook, Linkin, and more please search 'cerise fairfax'

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