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MG026 MUGEN - Terry Bogard #1 vs. Terry Bogard [KOF XIII Style] (Vyn)

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Добавлено by В Стиль
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SNK's "Legendary Wolf" and one of my favorite male characters from "KOF" & "Fatal Fury" Terry Bogard; officially joins the "Stardust Team" and faces his counterpart from "King of Fighters XIII" and created for MUGEN by Vyn.
This edit of Terry has a custom gameplay of KOFXIII (Regarding his sprites) and CvS (Regarding gameplay) and not to mention that even among the color palettes he has the colors used in his participation in Capcom vs. SNK.
Terry Bogard will defeat his counterpart himself at KOF XIII, to win the battle.
Besides that this edit of Terry created by Memo (Which I am going to use from now on) has the MAX COMBO; "Trinity Geyser" from KOF XIII.
Enjoy the video.

Terry Bogard (CvS Style) by Memo (Me)
Terry Bogard (KOF XIII Style) by Vyn

Stage: Real Bout Fatal Fury - Terry's Stage by RYO2005
BGM: Real Bout Fatal Fury [PS1 OST] - Big Shot! (Theme of Terry Bogard)

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