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Ok so I've been staring at the cute makeup in my beauty room for way too long. ITS TIME TO FINALLY GIVE KIMCHI CHIC BEAUTY A GO! I had so much fun with this video! ENJOY!

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SHOP HERE https://kimchichicbeauty.com/
I Went To Malibu Bronzer https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/bronzer/products/thailor-collection-bronzer-01-i-went-to-malibu
Pinky Blush https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/blush/products/thailor-collection-blush-01-pinky
Vacation Blush https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/blush/products/copy-of-thailor-collection-blush-06-vacation
Hollywood Glow Highlight https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/shimmer-highlighters/products/thailor-collection-get-glow-03-hollywood-glow-1
Ketnipz X Kimchi Palette https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/eye-shadow/products/rainbow-sharts-palette-ketnipz-x-kimchi-chic-beauty-collectors-item-mini
Virgin Mojito Palette https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/eye-shadow-palettes/products/juicy-nine-01-virgin-mojito
High Key Gloss Lip Gloss (Natural) https://kimchichicbeauty.com/collections/lip-gloss/products/high-key-gloss-06-natural

What Else I'm Wearing
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Huda Beauty Glowish Multidew Skin Tint (Light Medium) https://shop-links.co/1748793028863649964
Rare Beauty Concealer (210 N) https://shop-links.co/1748793058253217132
Hourglass Translucent Setting Powder https://shop-links.co/1748793096937120840
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion https://shop-links.co/1748793131462137144
Colourpop Creme Gel Liner (Extra Frosting) https://shop-links.co/1748793167699307075
Natasha Denona Gel Liner https://shop-links.co/1748793203129530945
Makeup Revolution Extra Dimension Mascara https://shop-links.co/1748793245704721067
Koko Lashes (Kiera) https://go.magik.ly/ml/19gpw/
Natasha Denona Lip Liner (Dana) https://shop-links.co/1748793325567750615

#kimchichic #kimchichicbeauty @KimChi Chic Beauty

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*Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning I do receive a small commission.Of course all earnings go back into improving the content on my channel, however please feel no pressure to use those links if you feel uncomfortable doing so. I am just happy I could lead you to a product you will love :)

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Tags: Morgan Turner Makeup, Eyeshadow Palette, Beauty, How-To, Glam, Luxury Makeup, Professional Palette, Makeup Tutorial, Best Makeup Tips, 2020, and 2021.

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