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What is and Who is Beauty ? @ Balageetham Tamil

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What is and Who is Beauty?

# Balageetham Tamil,
# Balageetham
#balageetham tamil
Bala Geetham Tamil

This is my 1150 th Video. This video is a moral story for kids in Tamil.
This explains everybody's beauty is not in physical appearance but in our behavior.

Animals teach us lessons and Rabbit is the hero in this story.

For full information view and hear the story in full without break.
Tell us what you learned from this story and message and post us.

We need your feedback whether you like such stories or not in our Channel.

பால கீதம் தமிழ்
#பாலகீதம் தமிழ்
#சிறுவர் கதைகள்
#குழந்தை பாடல்கள் தமிழ்
#awarenes videos
#devotional song
#bedtime stories

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