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Yeah Nah Beauty Reviews #2 | Favorites & Fails

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Добавлено by В Красота
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Hey guys I'm back again with a 2nd episode of yeah nah beauty reviews, Please excuse my horrible make up application, it was late and i really wanted to get some more content out for you all.

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Hey guys, My name is Tanya & I’m an Aussie You-Tuber just trying to have a bit of fun but also sharing my findings with you guys.
Makeup in Australia is very expensive in comparison to other countries and postage to Australia can cause us to not pull the trigger and buy the product we have had our eye on overseas plus many other questions such as product quality overall costs of the product and 'need over want' - if your like me you can talk yourself out of anything.

So I hope by give you guys reviews, you might avoid some financial mistakes and even skin type mistakes because 1 size never fits all & that goes for both skincare and cosmetics, so feel free to Learn along side of me and have a bit of fun along the way

I am not a makeup or Beauty/Skincare Guru more of an Makeup and Beauty/Skincare Enthusiast
My opinions are based on my daily struggle with Dry/Sensitive/Eczema/Dehydrated skin and what is working and what’s not.
Yeah Nah Beauty PO BOX 483 Huntly, Victoria, 3551


All products mentioned & featured on my videos are purchased with my own money unless specified otherwise with * & all opinions are my own.
I have not been paid to review these products & I am not sponsored to do these videos.
The products I mention may work completely different for you, so please always make sure you do a test patch and only use my reviews as a loose guide to how they may work for you.

Thanks for stopping by, please like and subscribe if you liked what you saw and you want to see more.
Don't forget to check the bell to be notified of all my videos when i upload and have a fantastic day.

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